Create a new GCP project#

By default, we manage billing accounts as well as projects for new clusters on Google Cloud Platform. Creating a new project allows us to exactly determine spend on a project, ensure privacy of users on that project from other users, as well as make it easier to provide more cloud access to users when necessary.

  1. Create new project under the 2i2c GCP org. This lets us do access control more easily, and makes sure 2i2c engineers always have appropriate access to the created project.

  2. Name the project, giving it a unique id. We try to keep the word ‘2i2c’ out of the project name, in case the user decide to exercise their right to replicate at some point.

  3. Keep it inside the 2i2c organization, and locate inside the 2i2c folder.

  4. Use the two-eye-two-see billing account.

  5. Hit the ‘Create’ button

  6. You should see a notification as soon as the project is created. Switch to the freshly created project

  7. GCP requires you to explicitly enable APIs before they can be used. Enable the following APIs: a. GKE b. Compute Engine c. Artifact Registry d. Filestore

    Make sure the correct project is selected while enabling these!

  8. Setup a new cluster inside it via Terraform