Update environmentΒΆ

The user environments is specified via a Dockerfile, under images/user in the git repository. Currently there is no automated image building - so you will have to manually build & push it after making a change.

  1. Install pre-requisites:

    • Docker

    • A Python virtual environment. Install requirements.txt into it.

    • The gcloud tool, authenticated to the two-eye-two-see project. You need to run gcloud auth configure-docker us-central1-docker.pkg.dev once as well.

  2. Make the changes you need to make to the environment, and git commit it.

  3. Run python3 deployer build <cluster-name>, once for each <cluster> under config/hubs. This will build the image and push it to registry. It will tell you what the generated image tag is.

  4. Update jupyterhub.singleuser.image.tag in hub-templates/basehub/values.yaml with this tag.

  5. Make a commit, make a PR and merge to master! This will deploy all the hubs with the new image