Calculate how much cloud infrastructure costs#

We have several contracts where we pay for our users’ cloud bills, and then invoice them for it. We need to automate the process of figuring out how much these organizations owe us.

Costs for hubs with dedicated clusters on GCP#

The generate-cost-table subcommand of the deployer will go through all our clusters set up on Google Cloud, and tell you how much they cost.

Pre-requisites for running it#

  1. You have all tools required required to work on this repo setup.

  2. Run gcloud application-default auth login, and authenticate with your google account. This account must have permissions to all GCP projects. This requirement will be relaxed at some point in the future.

Updating the Costs Google Sheet#

There is a private Google Sheet that has monthly costs for all the clusters that are configured to have bigquery export.

This sheet is currently manually updated. You can update it by running deployer generate cost-table --output 'google-sheet'. It will by default update the sheet to provide information for the last 12 months. You can control the period by passing in the start_month and end_month parameters.

If you just want to take a look at the costs in the terminal, you can also run deployer generate cost-table --output 'terminal' instead.


  1. The data comes from bigquery costs export, so is only available and accurate after that has been enabled. For billing data before this was enabled, you need to manually go look in the cloud console.

  2. If the script is run before the end of the month, the total costs would not be accurate. Run the script once the month has finished to get an accurate amount of the previous month’s costs.

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