Upgrade Kubernetes clusters


Upgrade Kubernetes clusters#

How we upgrade a Kubernetes cluster is specific to the cloud provider. This section covers topics in upgrading an existing Kubernetes cluster.


As of now, we also only have written documentation for how to upgrade Kubernetes clusters on AWS.

Upgrade policy#

  1. To keep our k8s cluster’s control plane and node pools upgraded to the latest three and four official minor k8s versions respectively at all times.

  2. To await a level of maturity for minor k8s versions before we adopt them.

    Kubernetes distribution

    Our maturity criteria


    Part of GKE’s regular release channel


    Supported by eksctl and is GKE mature


    Listed as generally available on AKS

  3. To upgrade k8s cluster’s control plane and node pools at least twice and once per year respectively.

  4. To not disrupt user nodes with running users, by instead rolling out new user node pools if needed and cleaning up the old at a later time.

  5. To check if actions needs to be scheduled related to this in the beginning of every quarter.

Upgrading Kubernetes clusters