Hub image#

The 2i2c hubs use a custom hub image that is defined in the helm-charts directory of the infrastructure repository.

This custom hub image is built on top of the jupyterhub/k8s-hub Docker image and configured based on the needs of 2i2c hubs. This allows adding and configuring other packages like the jupyterhub-configurator or using specific versions of the spawner and authenticator. More information about this custom image can be found in the Dockerfile itself.

The 2i2c custom hub image is lives at

Updating the hub image#

When this hub image needs to be updated, the steps to take are:

  1. Update the Dockerfile with any changes wanted

  2. Commit the changes

    git add helm-charts/images/hub/Dockerfile
    git commit


    The commit SHA with be used to generate the image tag.

  3. Rebuild the Docker image and push it to the registry

    • Your @2i2c address should give you access to push to the registry where the hub image lives, but make sure you are logged into container registry with the right credentials and these creds are configured to have access to Please contact someone at 2i2c for access if this is not the case.

      docker login

      See also

      Checkout the Getting Started with docs for more info.

    • Make sure you have jupyterhub/chartpress installed.

      pip install chartpress

      This package is also listed under dev-requirements.txt, so it should be present if you’ve installed the dev dependencies.

    • Make sure you are in the helm-charts directory, where the chartpress.yaml is located:

      cd ./helm-charts
    • Run chartpress to build the image, push it to the registry and update the basehub helm chart to use the updated image tag

      chartpress --push


      If you are on macOs with M1, you need to run chartpress with docker buildx under the hood and specify which platform to use, i.e. amd64[1].

       chartpress --push --builder docker-buildx --platform linux/amd64
    • Commit the changes made by chartpress to helm-charts/basehub/values.yaml, but discard the changes made to helm-charts/basehub/Chart.yaml as the last may cause problems with the daskhub dependency mechanism.

      git add helm-charts/basehub/values.yaml
      git commit


The image tag of the of the jupyterhub/k8s-hub in the Dockerfile must match the dependent JupyterHub Helm chart’s version as declared in basehub/Chart.yaml.